Cleaning Your Car Inside and Out

It takes a lot to maintain the interior of your car. You need to constantly wipe the dashboard of dust to keep it from mixing with human oils, sweat, and grease, thus creating gunk that's hard to remove.

You also have to put on KevianClean Interior Defense for good measure to keep the dirt and dust from settling all over your car. By not taking care of your vehicle, you'll be spending loads of money in order to fix ripped upholstery or stained carpets.

You'll also have to learn how to remove the seat or at least slide them back as far as possible to give you more room to work, particularly when it comes to cleaning your console. Most of the time, prevention is better than the cure.

Preventing Cleanup Disasters Within Your Car

  • Make Quick Cleanups a Daily Habit: Dust your car off after every use. Get a microfiber towel, put some water on it, and wipe the dashboard clean. Vacuum the inside of your car after parking it so that when you use it again tomorrow, you end up with a clean slate and car. A handy handheld vacuum you can plug into your cigarette lighter receptacle. Don't let the dirt accumulate. Don't even give them a chance.
  • Do More Thorough Cleanups Every Weekend or Every Other Weekend: Just as it's necessary to have your car cleaned by a carwash or by garden hose and KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo, it's also imperative that you do a more thorough version of your cleanups every weekend or every two weeks. In particular, you might need to slide off or remove your seats and concentrate on cleaning/vacuuming areas where debris tends to collect, like under the pedals or the seat track rails.
  • Don't Just Vacuum Your Seats and Dashboard: The upholstery, even when protected by a cleaner, should be vacuumed too, from leather seat to vinyl ceiling. Run the vacuum across every piece of upholstery you have to eliminate trapped debris, like hair, fur, food crumbs, dirt from the outside, and dust. Get a brush to agitate the dust clumps as well so that they're easier to suck up into your vacuum. Recline the front seats to expose more of the section between the front seat and the back seat then vacuum there too.
  • Discipline Yourself and Your Passengers: If you have babies who tend to vomit or urinate all over your car, get extra-strength diapers or properly potty-train them. Ditto children who tend to poke and prod at every little thing within your car. You should also discipline yourself by eating drive-thru in a neat and disciplined manner so that you won't end up spilling drinks or adding hard-to-reach crumbs on your car floor.

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