Are You Vacuuming Your Car Properly?

Do you vacuum your car right? If you're vacuuming your car wrong, you'll end up wasting electricity from your home or your car battery as well as your precious time.

Here's what you need to do in order to vacuum in a way that's efficient. Open every one of your vehicle's doors. Leave them open while vacuuming.

This allows you access to every part of your car interior. Otherwise, you'll end up opening and closing doors as you clean your whole vehicle and attempt to access its many different areas.

You should remove the vehicle's seats as well for good measure for easier access of the car floor and console as well.

The Practical Way to Go About Vacuuming

  • Pull the Vacuum Straight Through: Opening the doors allows you to pull the vacuum through whether you connect it from within the car or outside the car from an electric socket. You won't be forced to circle the car either. An open car also creates ventilation, which is what you need when getting rid of stale air or musty odors within your vehicle.
  • Use Your Brush Attachment: You should use your vacuum's brush attachment in order to better reach and agitate the dust, thus loosening it. The loosened dust and debris makes them easier to pick up via suction. Vacuum suction alone isn't always enough to lift tiny particles stuck in between plush textile surfaces. You need the brush bristles to stir the dust up before they're sucked into the vacuum.
  • Thorough Clean with a Circular Brush Head: Aside from agitating dust to easily suck the particles with your vacuum, you should make sure your vacuum brush head is circular. This will enable you to access more spaces since the corners of your car are rounded more often than not. Then again, you can get the same effect with a wide brush as well.
  • Stiff-Bristled Brushes Can Also Work: A brush with stiff bristles is effective in dust agitation because of its firmness. However, you should use it with tandem with a vacuum and don't rub it against the fabric too hard. Unlike soft bristles that protect your upholstery, it's possible to damage the material with a stiff brush. Just use enough force over the dust and let your vacuum do the rest.
  • Be Careful and Methodical with Your Floor Vacuuming: You should thoroughly vacuum your car floor. To get the best possible results, suck the carpet in all directions from the console side to the outer edge of the seats. It's even easier to vacuum with the seats removed as well. Do multiple vacuum passes until the flood is dirt-free. Repeat the same action at the back of the car as well.

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