KevianClean:Premium Car Wash Shampoo,1-Pack
KevianClean:Premium Car Wash Shampoo,2-Pack
KevianClean:Premium Car Wash Shampoo,3-Pack Limited Time Offer!
KevianClean:Premium Car Wash Shampoo
KevianClean:Premium Car Wash Shampoo
KevianClean:Premium Car Wash Shampoo
KevianClean:Premium Car Wash Shampoo

Premium Car Wash Shampoo

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  • Concentrated formula creates tons of thick foaming suds
  • Removes stubborn dirt and road grime from all paint finishes
  • Does not strip existing wax finish
  • Leaves a deep, reflective spot-free shine
  • Made in the USA with bio-based ingredients from plants
  • Safe to use around children, pets, plants and lawns

Give Your Car a Spotless, Deep Reflective Shine Without Stripping the Wax

When you love your car, you clean it often. But you may be worried that your paint may appear dull or that the paste wax you labored so very hard to apply may strip with regular washing.

And even without those two concerns, there's the unending frustration of water spots!

All these fears disappear when you use ...

KEVIANCLEAN Premium Car Wash Shampoo!

  • Neighbors on the street may ask if it’s a new car because the stubborn dirt and road grime will melt away and your paint and fish will stay because there are no harsh chemicals to damage you or your vehicle.
  • Just one ounce (1 oz. - 4 capfuls) of the powerful plant-based solution enhances the surface tension of a gallon of water to encapsulate the dirt and oils removing them without scrubbing. Consequently, you get a spot-free finish without stripping the existing wax.
  • You may apply hand or safely use as a pressure washer soap on all automotive finishes.
  • Your car will look brand new and you’ll feel good about it because the product is GREEN (even the bottle is recyclable) and made in the USA.
  • Finally, your car soap won’t harm the environment, your car's finish, you, your family or your pets.

When You Use This Product On Your Car, You Get:

  • 16 oz. concentrated solution
  • A solution to the nasty dirt and road grime your car collects
  • A spot-free finish with an absolutely gorgeous deep reflective shine.
  • The good feelings that come from using Eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solutions
  • Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

What You Will NOT Get When You Use This Product:

  • Fading, streaking or ugly water spots
  • Harsh chemicals harmful to your car's paint and wax, the environment or you!


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