Handy Tips When It Comes to Cleaning Leather

You can easily clean your leather car upholstery through KevianClean Leather Cleaner. Just follow the cleaning instructions and you're good to go. Just remember that a leather cleaner and leather conditioner are two different things.

It's like the difference between hair shampoo and hair conditioner. The leather conditioner exists in order to maintain your leather upholstery's shine and suppleness while the cleaner gets rid of surface dust and deep-down stains.

To be more specific, the leather cleaner keeps your leather upholstery clean, thus preventing deterioration due to dirtiness. The conditioner, in contrast, lengthens the lifespan and quality of your leather by rejuvenating its freshness and softness since leather tends to dry out and wrinkle up to the consistency of cardboard as it ages without proper maintenance.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

  • DIY Cleaners: As per usual, KevianClean Leather Cleaner simplifies the cleaning process by having all the ingredients you need to ensure the best results every time. With that said, you can go the DIY route as well. Make your own leather cleaner by mixing two parts water or foot oil with one part white vinegar. Don't worry about the initial sourness. It will pass in time along with the odor you're attempting to remove. Use a lint-free white cloth for solution application. Swirl the cloth around the area you want to clean.
  • Buffing Your Leather Upholstery Naturally: You can naturally apply walnut oil, beeswax, olive oil, or clear shoe polish over your leather upholstery to protect it before buffing everything with a chamois or microfiber cloth until it's showcasing a showroom shine. Then again, applying some sort of leather cleaner and conditioner can also pay dividends.
  • Saddle Soap and Leather Conditioner: Some leather upholstery can easily get cleaned and prepped for conditioning by a leather conditioner with saddle soap. This is the same soap used on the leather saddles of horses. This combo of saddle soap and conditioner is useful in waterproofing your car leather upholstery and can even increase its lifespan. Buyer beware in regards to certain types of leather not working well with this type of soap though.
  • Leather Conditioner Alternatives: As much as possible, get a commercial leather conditioner made especially for your car. However, in a pinch, you can use other substances as conditioner alternatives even though they're not as excellent as the real deal. You can specifically rub waterless hand cleaner or petroleum jelly over your upholstery in a circular motion before effacing the residue with a clean cloth. They'll rejuvenate your leather items in no time.

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