The Properties of Car Wax

There are loads of great car wax products that you can avail of. You should specifically search for those that do an excellent job in defending your vehicle from dirtiness due to neglect, thus ensuring they look good and have a showroom-quality shine for a much longer period of time.

With that in mind, what makes a car wax great? What properties should you be on the lookout for when shopping for the right wax for your vehicle? Here are some ideas you should take into account.

Wax Properties and Tips on Proper Application

  • Easy to Apply: Always remember that a good car wax is something that you can easily apply. The wax paste should liquefy easily and efficiently on the car surface so that you don't need to put it on your car with multiple strokes. Your arm shouldn't end up tired by the end of your wax application.
  • Swirl Avoidance: To avoid swirls, you should wax in a horizontal or vertical manner when applying your wax. Swirls are unfortunately a reality when it comes to applying waxes, but you can avoid them by simply waxing up and down or side to side, like Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel-san in The Karate Kid. The first wipe is to apply the wax and the second wipe is to spread it.
  • Don't Lay It Too Thick: Another property of excellent wax is the fact that it can be applied in any way you like. With that in mind, you should apply the wax in thin layers instead of attempting to cake it on your car like waxy frosting. When it comes to waxing your car, a little wax can go a long way.
  • Don't Force the Wax into Crevices: The point of colored waxes is to hide small cracks and imperfections by filling them in. However, you shouldn't force your wax into crevices and cracks as though it's filler material. It's difficult to remove that way, making them traps for dirty and gunk. Apply the colored wax like normal and let the hairline cracks and pockmarks disappear on their own. Leave alone the bigger crevices and obvious cracks.
  • Apply Evenly: The best waxes out there can be applied evenly then gently buffed with a microfiber towel. Just remember that the wax can take a whole day to set in before it can be buffed to a shine. It takes about an hour to properly apply the wax. It takes another hour to buff the car perfectly. Don't rush so that the wax is applied as evenly across the vehicle as possible. Once you've waxed your car a few times, it becomes easier and quicker to apply it.

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