KevianClean:Interior Defense,1-Pack
KevianClean:Interior Defense
KevianClean:Interior Defense
KevianClean:Interior Defense
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Interior Defense Cleaner Protector

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  • Cleans interior dashboards, vinyl, plastic and trim in cars, boats & RV's
  • Contains Carnauba wax for maximum UV protection against drying and cracking
  • Provides a natural-looking matte finish with a light lavender scent
  • Ideal cleaner for faux leather & vinyl furniture
  • Made in the USA with bio-based ingredients from plants

Your "Must-Have" Auto Interior Cleaning Spray & UV Protector

KEVIANCLEAN Interior Defense is the best car interior cleaning spray that preserves new car interiors and renews old car dashboards, vinyl, plastic and trim to their absolute very best condition!

You'll feel good the moment you order and every time you use it because KEVIANCLEAN is both Green (Eco-Friendly) and made in the USA.

Natural bio-based ingredients allow you to breathe easy without the nasty toxic fumes.

When You Bring This Product Home, You Get:

  • Gentle cleaning that lifts surface dirt, dust, grime and finger prints
  • Ultimate protection from the sun's harmful UV rays
  • Superior protection against drying and cracking
  • A natural-looking low-gloss (matte) finish - without that chemical shine or smell
  • A pleasant, light lavender fragrance that won't leave your head spinning
  • Easy to use 24 oz. spray bottle

What You Will NOT Get When You Use this Product:

  • No fading, streaking or discoloration
  • No sticky, oily or greasy residue
  • No dryness or damage to your dash, vinyl or plastic
  • No foul odors or toxic chemicals that harm your interior, the environment or YOU!

 Why You Will Love Our Interior Defense:

  • CLEANS AND CONDITIONS - Say goodbye to oily shine and hello to natural looking dashboards! Forget the greasy residue some dashboard and vinyl cleaners leave behind. You'll enjoy a beautifully cleaned and conditioned, low-gloss finish that you can touch without fear of greasing up your hands.
  • MAXIMUM UV PROTECTION - Your car interior gets incredible protection against damaging UV rays with our Carnauba-enriched spray formula. This prevents premature aging, drying and cracking.
  • USE WITH CONFIDENCE - Made with bio-based, natural ingredients that contain no harsh chemicals or toxic fumes. You'll enjoy the light lavender fragrance that won't irritate your sinuses or leave your head spinning. 
  • NOT JUST FOR DASHBOARDS - Own a bottle and use it on your car's dashboard then enjoy the results you see on all your car interior vinyl, trim and plastic parts. It works great as a UV protectant for your car's bumper, too. It's perfect for RV, boat and airplane interiors, outdoor plastic furniture and even vinyl spa covers.

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