Faux Leather Care

Faux Leather is one of many names for artificial or synthetic leather. Other names you may recognize are leatherette, vegan leather, PU leather and pleather. 

Two main types of faux leather are made of polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC or simply known as Vinyl).

Faux leather is used on many products such as sofas, chairs and ottomans, headboards, clothing, and automotive interiors like dashboards and seats.

faux leather couch

When comparing faux leather to real leather, you'll find that faux leather is typically more affordable than real leather.  It's low maintenance and durability are also a plus. Faux leather does not retain moisture like real leather does, therefore it's far more resistant to warping and cracking.

Over the years, faux leather has been improved with with many variations of grain, textures and colors. Visually it can have the look of real leather but with a more consistent appearance.

Faux leather does have it's disadvantage though when compared to real leather. It can become very hot and uncomfortable if left in the sun. It's also doesn't breathe like real leather does, so skin will tend stick to the surface.

While faux leather is very durable, it doesn't stretch or wear like leather, so it won't develop the same rich luster and patina that real leather does over time. Faux leather is also not puncture or tear resistant like real leather.

Caring for vinyl and faux leather is easy with KevianClean Interior Defense. This product not only cleans surface dirt, grime and finger prints, it also adds maximum protection against the sun's damaging UV rays. This protection helps to prevent drying and cracking making this product perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Interior Defense leaves a beautiful matte finish that is never oily or greasy to touch. Made with natural ingredients, there are no harsh chemicals and the light lavender fragrance says 'fresh'!

How to clean Vinyl and Faux Leather Furniture with KevianClean Interior Defense Car Upholstery Cleaner:

    1.Vacuum clean the furniture to get rid of loose dirt, dust and other tiny particles.
    2. Mix 4 drops of liquid soap for every quart of water. Mix until bubbles form.
    3. Clean furniture with damp cloth or soft bristled brush and liquid soap solution.
    4. Thoroughly clean the furniture.
    5. Rinse the furniture with wet cloth (non-abrasive cloth or microfiber cloth)
    6. Clean off stains with mild soap mixed with distilled water.
    7. Thoroughly wipe dry the furniture making sure not to leave any wet spot.
    8. Spray KevianClean Interior Defense on a dry cloth and evenly wipe all over the furniture.
    9. Dry with a clean non-abrasive cloth.

    Whether the vinyl or faux leather furniture is place indoors or outdoors, it is now protected from the UV rays of the sun. The furniture will not dry, fade or crack.





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