How to Buy the Right Grill and Support Brackets

A grill is an automotive support bracket that's both aesthetics-boosting and functional. It's characterized by their cagey or mesh look made of metal and/or plastic. They're also responsible for protecting various parts of your vehicle while letting air pass through them.

Celebrities, particularly rappers, avail of car grills the same way they'd get teeth grills. They also go get spinning rims for good measure. When purchasing a grill support and grill for your automotive needs, there are several things you need to keep in mind.

Types of Car Grills

The main types of car grills are billet, mesh, or custom. Every type of grill has its respective benefits and detriments.

  • Horizontal Billet: This grill type is made of thick plastic or metal strips placed horizontally, such that they're parallel to one another. This style is like what you'd seen in blinds and it can be done in different ways as well, depending on the orientation, placement, and frame around the bars. This is the common style you'd see from powerful trucks or the fastest of sports cars.
  • Vertical Billet: The billet bars are still parallel to each other but this time they're placed horizontally like prison bars versus vertically like blinds. This is the style of choice for city cars and luxury vehicles. Billet is a term referring to bars of metal, but people usually identify it with aluminum instead. This grill type can be made of pure aluminum or a mix of brass or steel to reinforce its hardness. It's mainly used for debris-protection and ventilation.
  • Standard Mesh: In regards to mesh grills, they're grills reminiscent of chicken wire or cooking grills. This is because they're strips of plastic or metal designed to interweave atop one another in various patterns, like the crisscrossing ones you'd see on a basket. They can also be made by punching holes in sheet metal in a crisscrossing pattern or by weaving strips of metal or plastic together to form a grill pattern.
  • Custom Mesh: Mesh grills have more customization options than billet grills because there are many ways to create the mess pattern aside from vertical or horizontal orientation. You have a lot more choices and creativity as long as it's able to follow the mesh requirements of crisscrossing bars. It has a simple design, but it catches more debris while allowing more air at the same time due to its design.
  • Custom or CNC: Last but not least is the custom grill design. You can submit such designs to your grill makers using the CNC or Computer Numerical Control program that constructs grills in accordance to customizations and computer controls. Contact online sellers or suppliers specializing in making CNC grills if you want to get your own grill of this type. After all, grill modifications to make a car look cooler runs rampant in the world of custom cars.

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