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What People Are Saying About Our Products

I purchased this cleaner/conditioner for my 2016 F-350 to maintain the leather seating. It surpassed my expectations. I also have a 2010 E-150 with leather seats, I applied the Kevian Cleaner to them and was amazed at how nice they turned out. If you have leather surfaces to maintain give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Ricky L.

I was a little apprehensive using this on a handbag because the bottle says that it's formulated for leather car seats but it also says it's safe for bags and jackets so I gave it a try. The consistency is similar to lotion but a little runny even after shaking it up. It was still easy to use and had a pleasant, mild soapy smell. I used it on a handbag that had dull spots on it from a wax spill. After first chipping off the wax I used the leather cleaner and my bag was as good as new. My bag turned out soft, supple, conditioned and not shiny or greasy. I would use this on other leather products.

Linda L.

Unless clean with Kevin Clean, it is not cleaned! I tried multiple products that cost more than this item and some cost less but this product is in a league of its own. Goes on smooth and you will see the difference right away! Seats will be cleaned and will have a showroom shine that is clean to the touch. No odor and no mess.

Hanson W.

I love how easy it goes on and wipes away clear, leaving no greasy residue behind. You just have to be sure to follow the instructions. You apply with one microfiber cloth and wipe away with another. Easy peasy! It has a good smell and will not change the color of your leather. It is a bit pricey, but keep in mind that you can use this cleaner on your leather furniture in your house as well as your car and get the same beautiful results. Highly recommended!

Brian S.

I have a leather sofa, chair and two ottomans. After reading the reviews here, I decided to give it a try. I love the fact that it contains coconut oil. I thought I would probably be using most, if not all, of the bottle to treat my pieces. Wow! A little goes a long way! I have at least 3/4 of a bottle left. I didn't skimp either. I love the fact that the leather looks and feels better without a high shine. The smell is nice, too. I can't say it cleaned anything as the pieces are brand new. Yes, it's pricier than most, but I would buy it again.

Sue N.

There were a few stains on the black leather of my car. I tried different leather cleaners and they didn't work. Even an expensive detail work at the Lexus dealership didn't get them removed. It was hot and dark in the garage when this product arrived so I just did a quick cleaning to test out the lotion. To my surprise, all the stains were gone! The smell was pleasant and wasn't greasy. Most important, it worked. I highly recommend this product.