Fun Family Activities While Washing Your Car

Sometimes it feels like there are too many things to do with very little time to do them. That’s exactly why the word “multitasking” was invented. During the weekends, that’s the only time when you can give your car a nice bath since you have to work five days a week. But weekends are also the only time when you can spend time with your family because you’re all so busy during the week going to work and studying in school.

Why not multitask these two activities? Washing your car is a great thing to do, but it can be more fun and enjoyable with your kids washing with along with you. Here are a few activities that you can do with your family when washing your car.

Pass the sponge – Who gets to scrub the dirt off the wheels? Who would be cleaning the windshield? Playing pass the sponge is like delegating chores to each one but making it look and feel fun. You can play question and answer with your kids (ideally about their academic subjects) and whoever gets the wrong answer will be taking the sponge to scrub the car.

Bubble wars – Bubbles are one of toddlers’ favorite things. Blowing bubbles from the thick car wash shampoo foam can really make your kids giggle. If you’ve got bigger teenage kids, smearing bubbles on their faces will really engage them in a bubble war. Not all kids will enjoy this, though. Your male teens may not be very interested in playing with bubbles, but why not make them wash your car instead? Boys love cars, anyway.

Scrubbing game – See who can clean the windows the fastest by giving your kids their own sponges and letting them clean individual windows. Teach them to scrub the windows with soap and rinse it off with water. Afterwards, wipe the windows with chamois. Not only will this excite your kids since it’s a race, it will also keep you all excited. Surely your kids will keep wetting your windows and smudging soap on the one who’s about to finish first. It’ll become a wetting game eventually.

Bubble words – Little kids love learning about their ABC’s and 123’s. Why not give your toddlers and pre-schoolers something to think about while washing your car? Draw some shampoo foam letters and numbers on your car windows while you’re washing it. Make your child read what you wrote and give him or her a prize when the answer is correct, like a kiss or a tickle. If the answer is wrong, put some bubbles on your child’s face. This will really keep your kids giggling.

Having some family bonding time isn’t hard if you have other things to do. Combining the two can really make your tasks not only fun, but also fulfilling and filled with joy. Don’t forget to use KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo for your washing needs. This will surely keep your car beautiful and shiny, and your family happy!

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