What People Forget When It Comes to Washing Cars

Some motorists tend to go about doing a carwash in a neglectful fashion, as though putting suds on your car and hosing it down is all you need. They forget the basics of washing, which will be outlined all throughout this article.

For example, drivers tend to wash the tires and wheels last when they should instead be washed first. Even if the dirt, brake dust, or wheel cleaners splash unto your vehicle's paint, you can always wash them off later.

Don't leave your wheels as afterthoughts. Don't just use carwash shampoo on your wheels either. Use wheel-specific cleaners for the rims, hubs, and even tires, preferably something environment-friendly and water-based to avoid corrosion. These cleaners work best with rubber and coated wheels.

You're Now Ready for Car Washing

  • Some Motorists Forget About Cleanliness: Ironically, when washing cars, some motorists are so neglectful with the cleanliness of their washing apparel. You should make sure your car shampoo is mixed with clean water put into a freshly rinsed container. You should also get a clean wash mitt so that you don't end up contaminating your car as you clean it with, for example, a greasy rag.
  • Some Motorists Forget About Carwash Shampoo Choice: When choosing your carwash soap or shampoo, you should get one that's rich with lubricants because that's what commercial carwash shops use. The main purpose of washing your car is to remove contaminants while at the same time lubing them up so that they don't end up scratching your finish. The dust and dirt particles should slide off the car smoothly.
  • Some Motorists Forget That Dish Detergents Aren't Carwash Shampoos: Yes, it's cheaper to use your spare bottle of dish detergent in order to wash your car, but are you really doing your vehicle favors by being so cheap? Dish detergent isn't ideal for car cleanup specifically because it's capable of removing protective coating, particularly the clear coat on your finish. Use the right product on the right vehicle to keep yourself from needlessly complicating a simple job.
  • Some Motorists Forget Eco-Friendly Options: You need conditioning shampoo like KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo as your shampoo of choice to clean off dirt without scratching your finish or finishing off the clear coat layer of your car. It's also eco-friendly or environmentally safe because it's capable of keeping your wax on your car and provides amble lubrication for gritty particle removal. Its waste products are also limited due to it only removing dirt and lacking any harmful chemicals.

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