Essential Carwash Tools and Car Washing Tips

When washing your car, don't wash it in direct sunlight. Do it in the shade. You should also be gentle with your car in order to keep yourself from scratching the finish.

It may be made of steel and hardened plastic all over, but the paint can be scratched or ripped apart if you scrub too hard. Choose the right tools to clean your car in order to be able to effectively remove contamination without ruining the paint or even the clear-coat layer protecting it.

Remember that mitts and sponges are plush or have a deep nap, which is exactly what you need to clean your car. They're specifically better than dense sponges or flat-weave towels for car washing, in fact.

What to Look for in Carwash Tools

  • Sheepskin Wash Mitt

It's not enough to apply KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo over your car then rinsing it off with your garden hose. You need to find a way to apply, lather, and then wipe off the dirt and debris on your car without scratching its finish. You can do this by availing of sheepskin wash mitts that are plush and soft.

The natural fibers of sheepskin or wool should be enough to absorb and hold dirt and debris to prevent them from rubbing on your vehicle's finish. However, because wool is natural, it doesn't last as long as a microfiber mitt or towel. It's softer than microfiber though even though it's not as absorbent.

  • Natural Sea Sponge

A natural sea sponge has a number of deep compartments where the debris and dirt of the sea that it comes into contact with can collect or accumulate. Your cleaning sponge should have the same effect. The natural fibers shouldn't scratch the paint while the contamination will be pulled into the openings of the sponge, away from the paint.

Other foam sponges pull the dirt on their surface, turning them into gritty sandpaper over your car's finish. Always use the sponge's soft side for washing purposes. Rinse your sponge thoroughly to remove the sand and shell fragments it got from your car.

  • Paint-Safe Microfiber Wash Mitts

There's a paint-safe option for microfiber wash mitts. Look for that instead of just using a regular microfiber towel. These fibers are thinner than a strand of hair or even silk, making them more absorbent and durable than non-manmade or natural fibers. It can last longer than wool or cotton, for example.

These wash mitts made of a combination of polyamide and polyester make it capable of scrubbing your car without scratching the paint or making swirls of dirt. The dual-action water and dirt absorption prevent all that from happening, so that your microfiber towel doesn't turn into sandpaper when in contact with dirt on your car.

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