Wax On and Wax Off: How to Do It Right

Once you get the hang of it, there's nothing simpler than waxing a car. Just apply the wax on a freshly washed and polished car in a thin and even coat. After it dries, buff it off to a polish so that the previous polishing shines through with a new protective layer of gloss.

It's important to polish your car first before waxing because the buffed wax won't shine as brightly on an unpolished car even after it's been washed. Then again, thanks to the creation of clearcoat finishes, most motorists only need to wash their car every week to maintain its shine.

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The Importance of Waxing 101

  • Clearcoat Isn't Enough: Most post-Eighties cars use a clearcoat finish. This allows car owners to get a polished finish from their vehicle after only a quick carwash and drying. They don't even need to polish the vehicle to get a nice gloss out of it. However, car paint takes a lot of abuse regardless whenever it's hit by mud, rocks, debris, road salt, and so forth. The clearcoat can only take so much abuse before it breaks and leaves the finish underneath vulnerable.
  • Wax Is Extra Insurance: Even the sun can end up destroying your paint even with its clearcoat protection. After all, it's not as if it has SPF 45 sunscreen over it. With that in mind, waxing your car can serve as your extra insurance against the punishing power of the sun. It can even fight off bird poop, bug splatter, and Father Time when push comes to shove. If clearcoat is your umbrella, then wax is your raincoat. It's double the protection.
  • The Benefits of Wax: Wax serves as the first line of defense against biological issues like insect guts and avian waste products. A simple wipe from a wet cloth is all you need to get rid of them. The main thing that makes people use wax on their cars in this post-clearcoat world is that it keeps the paint from looking subdued or dull. It maintains the shininess of the car, especially when you polish it then put a new layer of wax over it.
  • Polish Cleans and Wax Protects: Polish is enough to deal with bugs and the like. However, wax is what you depend on when it comes to the luster restoration of your paint. You don't need to go to a car retailer and repaint your car so that it'd regain its shine. A layer of wax and a bit of polish is instead everything you need in order to bring out that showroom shine from your car even it's already a decade old or older.

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