Car Wax for Windows: Is it Effective?

A car that's dry, not-too-waxy, and clean will allow adhesive accessories such as bumper and door guards as well as reflective patches stick to them the best. Furthermore, waxes that have polymer wax consistency such as KevianClean Quick Wax are easier to buff off when compared to "real" waxes like carnauba, allowing for quick application and results. The idea here is to wax in thin layers so as to avoid wasting too much wax when buffing.

Even if carnauba is allowed to dry off longer than necessary, polymer and polymer-like waxes still tend to buff better and more effortlessly. Before waxing can come about, you should first go ahead and shampoo your car thoroughly.

Pick something like KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo to ensure you're getting the best cleanup and protective maintenance results from your carwash sessions. Remember to start from the top then work your way down before thoroughly rinsing everything with your garden hose.

With that said, how should you deal with cleaning your windows? With car shampoo or with a separate window or glass cleaner? 

Things to Remember about Window Car Detailing

  • Glass Cleaner versus Soap and Water: Soap and water is cheaper and more accessible for glass cleaning, but it comes with the caveat that you should find ways to rinse and dry it out to avoid streaking. Glass cleaner tends to evaporate faster, leading to fewer chances of streaking while ensuring your windows are clearer when push comes to shove. Both cleaning methods call for microfiber towel drying to make them sparkle and streak-free as well. Don't forget to clean both sides or the insides and outsides of the windows.
  • Window Cleaning and Protection: To properly clean windows like a pro, use Windex or ammonia over it for zero-streak cleanup. You can also apply a water repellent treatment on the glass in order to ensure water-repelling action that makes the water part from the glass like Moses and the Red Sea. It's also a useful way of improving visibility for your windows. When the water no longer forms small beads, just reapply the product. It's every month for the windshield and every few months on the back and side windows.
  • Alternative Cleanup Methods: You can use baby wipes in order to wipe your windshield free of dirt. Paper towels and tissue paper tends to easily bunch up or produce clumps when moistened and used to quickly clean part of your windshield. In contrast, baby wipes are made of aromatic moistened fiber that can easily wipe away dirt or, more likely, bits of bug splatter or bird feces on your car with amazing effectiveness. Otherwise, you can use a vinegar solution to get rid of biological stains over your car window without affecting its tint and whatnot unlike other harsher chemicals.


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