4 Techniques in Cleaning Wheels and Tires

Wheels should be cleaned with the right cleaner such as KevianClean Wheel Cleaner because it's environment-friendly and effective on all alloys, from steel to aluminum as well as magnesium. When getting rid of brake dust, dusting is the last thing you should do because even that can lead to scratches on your wheels, rims, and hubs.

You should also practice the art of tire dressing to keep the tires looking spiffy and cool. How well you dress up your tires can serve as your finishing touch when it comes to cleaning up your car.

Tire Dressing Choice and Tire Care

  • Old versus New Tire Dressing: Carefully choose your tire dressing. There's a detriment to old-fashioned tire dressings, after all. They contain silicone, which at first gives you a nice gloss but this shine eventually turns brown as time passes by. What's even more annoying about them is that attract dirt, deplete the protectants of the rubber in fast manner, and can lead to premature aging. New tire dressing have formulas that avoid such drawbacks.
  • Tire Gels Are The New Hotness: Newer tire dressing formulas that are mostly in gel form prevent the downsides of silicone dressings because they don't contain silicone at all. Instead, they're water-based yet offer a good enough shine for most motorist needs. Silicone is shinier but more unsafe and has loads of side effects. Water-based offer less of a shine but at the very least has fewer caveats and excess baggage.
  • The Different Looks Achievable via Tire Dressing: You can achieve different tire dressing looks depending on the type of tire dressing you use. You can get a semi-gloss sheen that doesn't turn brown over time. You can also go old-school with silicone-based glossiness with the caveat of browning as the tire ages in case you don't care and you're going to replace the tire with a new one regardless. The best tire dressings are the ones that nourish the rubber to recreate its look as a brand new item.
  • Getting More Gloss by Layers: There's no need to depend solely on silicone dressing to get that super glossy look. It's also possible to layer water-based dressings in order to get a glossy shine reminiscent of silicone or even shininess beyond what silicone is capable of achieving. Like in the case of waxing your car, gloss works best by spreading it thin, letting it set, then adding a new layer of gloss over time. Don't lay it on too thick or else it'll take too long to dry. Also remember to avoid pooling the dressing around white walls and raised letters.

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