4 Essential Reminders When Waxing

When applying the wax, just follow the instructions. Don't use wax cleaner products. It's better to thoroughly wash and polish your car first before waxing than thinking you can do all of them at the same time with a wax cleaner product.

You can follow recommendations in regards to how often a wax is applied but you can also double or triple the layers of wax if you wish to go the extra mile in protecting your vehicle.

It's like putting cellophane wrap over your car. It's your main means of extending the lifespan of your car, protecting its original finish for as long as possible, and giving you fewer headaches when it comes to car maintenance after your vehicle has built up its mileage.

Waxing Considerations to Consider

  1. Stock Up on Two Types of Wax: If you have money to spare, you should stock on quality synthetic wax with nano technology and carnauba wax. This combination of old-school (carnauba) and new-school (synthetic) waxes can enable you to do a double-waxing method of waxing with a layer of synthetic wax first, buff away, then finish off with a coat of carnauba wax instead for good measure. This is perfect against monsoon rains or blistering heat.


  1. What Synthetic and Carnauba Waxes Bring to The Table: Increase the intervals between your wax applications with the combination of synthetic and carnauba waxes. Synthetic waxes are perfect for protecting your car against ultraviolet damage and pollution. Meanwhile, naturally derived waxes provide your vehicle with a commendable degree of protection and unsurpassed shine that's comparable to expensive synthetic waxes at a fraction of the price.
  2. Wash Your Car First Before Waxing: Give your vehicle a proper bath from time to time, ideally 2-3 times a month or even once every week. As much as possible, don't wait for your car to end up becoming too dirty before washing it altogether. This will give you fewer headaches later on. On the other hand, waxing your car after washing it allows you more leeway on how often you get away with not washing your car.
  3. Make It a Car Care Habit: You should use time interval management and good judgment in order to make it a habit to wax your car. You don't even have to do it as often as washing your car. You can wax our car every 3-4 months or 3-4 times every year anyway, as opposed to cleaning your car every 2-3 weeks or 2-3 times every month. Think of the carwash as bathing your car and waxing as waxing hair off of your body. One is done more often than the other.

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