Paintless Dent Repair Service

A Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is the technique of getting rid of minor dents from your car. It is the quickest and inexpensive way to repair a dent. This method is used to get under the body’s coating to restore any existing dents.

There are a number of car problems that can be fixed by a paintless dent repair or removal. You can this method to fix hail damage, dings, minor bumps, major dents, and other damages. This can be applied to both aluminum and steel materials. The most important factor is that the paint of the car should remain as it is.

A PDR can also be applied to a damaged panel that will eventually go through a repainting job. This reduces the need for a body filler and often referred to as a push to paint. It is usually done before filling, sanding, and painting.

A professional technician can easily identify if your vehicle is a good candidate for a PDR.

Here are some factors that contribute to an effective PDR service:

  • Paint flexibility - The success of a repair can depend on the condition of your car’s pain finish.
  • Metal damage – It also depends on the damage level on your metal panel based on the strength of the impact.
  • Depth of the damage – The lighter the damage, the easier it is to repair.

Even if the damage is deep, you can still opt to use this method as long as both metal and paint are not overly stressed. However, sharp dents may not be covered by a paintless dent repair. A PDR can fix your car issues without compromising your car’s paint. In case your vehicle’s paint is chipped from the accident, then it cannot undergo a paintless dent repair.

The following are some of the most common tools used in PDR:

  • Metal rods and body picks – This helps push out the dents in the panel from the underside.
  • Glue or special tabs – These are used to pull the panel dents from outside.

Professional technicians are able to mix high spots to match the paint texture. Once you push too hard on the affected area, you might end up damaging the coating. It may crack or chip if not properly handled.

A PDR requires a technician to handle and operate on specific areas of the metal. This includes using a paintless dent repair light. This is used to visibly show the deformed part of the dent.

We recommend you wash your car with the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo to get rid of other residues. This way, your technician can quickly assess the condition of your car.

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