Keeping your Car Interior Winter Ready

During the winter season, caring for your car is a crucial step to maintaining the condition of your vehicle. Many drivers often focus their attention on the exterior of their cars not knowing that the inside of their vehicle is just as important.

Your car may experience harsh weather conditions including wind, rain, and snow. At the same time, dirt and other contaminants can get inside your vehicle. Due to the weather, it is possible for you to enter your vehicle with muddy shoes and wet clothing.

Having dirty and damp materials in your car can cause a build-up of mildew in your interior. It can also cause your car to smell funky. Therefore, you need to maintain the cleanliness of your interior to prevent bacteria and molds from forming.

Cleaning your Car Interior

If your kids are often riding with you, then you should sanitize your car to prevent them from getting sick. Here are some tips on how to keep your car interior winter ready.

  • Vacuum you’re the inside of your car including the area under your car seats, dashboard, trunk, pockets and hard to reach places. Make sure your car is free from food and crumbs to prevent critters from hanging in your car.
  • Take out any wet or damp items in your car and hang them dry including your car mats, winter jacket, and boots. If there are any spills on your carpet or wet piece of clothing, you will notice a foul smell lingering in your car. Make sure you locate it and remove it immediately.
  • Clean and wipe off all surfaces in your vehicle. Don’t forget to include the dashboard, hardware, and compartment.
  • You can opt to use a winter floor mat during this season especially since it has a deeper basin compared to a regular mat. This is appropriate in case you bring in water residue in your vehicle. Plus, a car mat helps protects your carpet.

A rubber mat is highly recommended because it is safer to use especially in extreme temperatures. Avoid plastic materials because they easily crack.

Riding a nice and clean car during winter time can bring a little energy and enthusiasm in your driving. Plus, it’s more fun and comfortable for both you and your passengers.

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