Two Ways to Polish your Car

Some people often think that polishing and waxing are the same thing. When you polish a surface, you are breaking down the abrasive compounds using friction or heat in order for it to work successfully. Waxing, on the other hand, provides an additional protective layer over the paint.

How it Works

A polish helps even out the rough edges of the scratches and swirls in your car. This prevents the light from reflecting off these scratches. At the same time, it also eliminates a small layer of paint in the scratch.

It takes a few steps to polish your car. First, choose an aggressive polish that can help eliminate signs of imperfections. Second, use a milder polish to get rid of the haze and restore the gloss to its original finish.

When you are polishing your car, make sure you do it properly. We highly suggest you tape off plastic or rubber hardware to protect it from damage before starting on your project. If your polish doesn’t include any abrasives, it will only end up concealing the imperfections in your car and will reappear after some time.

You can polish your car in two ways, by hand or machine.

  1. Polishing by hand

A good recommendation is to use a medium abrasive product especially if you are polishing a dark painted vehicle. Be careful when polishing your car by hand because if it not done properly, it can lead to a tarnished surface.

Use the KevianClean Auto Detailing microfiber towel to apply the polish. Fold the towel to create an even pressure. Put a small amount of polish on your towel and then spread it evenly on the affected surface.

Do it in circular patterns and start with one section before moving on to the next. Do this repeatedly until the polish clears up then wipe off any residue. Check your work under the right amount of lighting to see if you’ve effectively eradicated the swirls. You can do this repeatedly if necessary until you get your desired effect.

  1. Polishing by machine

When using this method, you can go for an orbital or a rotary polisher to polish your car. An orbital polisher is very simple and easy to use. It works in a fast circular motion without damaging your paint.

A rotary polisher is directly driven off the motor to produce and increase heat and speed. This is mostly used by professional detailers. When used incorrectly, it can damage your paint rather than restore it.

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