How to Fix a Car Dent

For most motorists, getting a dent in your car is almost inevitable. A car dent can be caused by different factors ranging from minor to major bumps. Whether your car is old or new, chances are, you may encounter this issue in the near future.

Dents can result from car collision or perhaps you accidentally bumped your car door on your garage post. There are many other situations where your car can get a few dings but the important thing is you know how to handle it properly.

The first thing you will probably think of is how much the damage is and second if your insurance will cover the cost. It is a known fact that car repairs are quite pricey. In fact, some drivers choose to ignore the situation especially if it is just a minor dent.

However, you can actually fix minor dents in the comfort of your own garage. With the right tools and the proper skill set, you can do it by yourself.

Identify the Location

Since there are different kinds of dents, the first thing you need to determine is where it is located and how big is the damage. This way, you can easily assess if the type of problem you have can be solved in your garage.

Wipe and clean the area with the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo so that all dust and debris are removed. This will leave you with a clean surface to work on.

Have the Right Tools

Before starting your repair project, gather the proper set of tools that you’ll need. A hammer and a dolly can usually do the trick. You will use the hammer to even out the dented part of your vehicle against the dolly.

For bigger and complicated damages, a 36-grit sander is needed to remove the paint on the affected area. Other tools that needed include a putty knife and squeegees to apply a filler. A sander, paint and a buffer are also required to complete your restoration.

How to Repair

  1. Warm up the area around the dent using a hair dryer. Make sure you hold the dryer at least 6 inches away to avoid damaging the paint.
  1. After it is properly heated, cool it down with a dry ice. A change in temperature may cause the dent to pop back in its original form.
  1. If this doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to resort to a paintless dent removal. Go inside your vehicle and try pushing out the dent. However, this may not work in more serious types of bumps. In case these simple steps still can’t fix the dent, then you may want to consider taking your car to a professional auto repair shop.

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