LED Pod: Do You Need It?

An LED pod is additional lighting you can use on any off-road vehicle designed to take them in, like ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, combines, far equipment, and tractors. It improves the visibility and clarity of what's before you all-in-all since everything becomes brighter with more lights involved.

Even sedans, motorcycles, trucks, and other on-road cars can gain benefits from this type of work light, particularly when you're pushing for additional driving visibility in inclement weather conditions (like in the rain or blizzard), pitch-blackness, and other low-light conditions.

It's just that off-road vehicles are likelier to deal with low lighting compared to street roadsters that usually drive through well-lit roads.

The Ins and Outs of Buying Your Own LED Pod

  • What Are You Going to Use It For? Before buying an LED pod, establish what you're going to use it for. After all, another reason why streetcars don't usually have it is because some states or jurisdictions ban cars from having too many lights or lights that are too bright. Instead, you see these pods used for circumstances like mining equipment lighting and additional lighting for golf cart in nighttime golf courses, boats, ambulances, fire department or rescue vehicles, police cars, and big rigs. Shop for an LED pod depending on its purpose.
  • What Are The Features to Look Out For? You should understand which features your LED pod should have. This vehicular accessory isn't a replacement component, so you don't have a damaged light you can use to compare specs with. You should be aware of the specs more than ever when it comes to your pods. You should search for quality LED pods with about 6 high-power 3-watt LEDs for every single lamp to get a good floodlight from the unit. Your LED pods should also have a waterproof rate of IP 67 and above.
  • Getting Into the Nitty-Gritty of LED Pod Specs: Your LED pods should have the right size. You can avail of the 87 millimeter, 82 millimeter, and 80 millimeter variety. The pod should have a super-bright 1,800 lumens of brightness, an operating voltage of 10-30 voltage DC, 6,000 Kelvin color temperature, and the ability to last about 30,000 hours of operation life. It should also have a crystal-clear PMMA lens made of unbreakable, scratch-resistant material for good measure to really ensure you're using a durable and dependable product.
  • Different Types of LED Pods: You can choose from a variety of lens pods. You can get 50,000-hour-lifespan twin-dual floodlight pods or pods with anti-corrosion aluminum housing that can withstand off-road driving. The ones you ultimately pick will probably depend on your preferences, needs, and the type of vehicle you're driving since it's likely that sedan or city roadsters will require more modification in order to allow installation of LED pods compared to ATVs and on-the-dirt vehicles that actually encourage customization.

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