4 Quick Ways for Car Interior Cleanup

One of the quickest ways to clean up the interior of your car is to use the dependable, residue-free, and ecologically friendly cleaner like KevianClean Interior Defense.

It easily wipes off mold and mildew formation during rainy days and gets rid of dust and even grease with several swipes. It's important for car owners to regularly clean their car interior, especially if their car is being regularly used.

It leaves a positive impression on the passengers of your car and assists in making your interior look new even after years of use. What's more, maintenance is better than restoration because it's cheaper and you're only preserving the way your car looked the first time you got it.

Cleaning the Car Interior Quickly and Effectively

  • Throw the Trash Away: The simplest thing you need to do to keep your car clean is to throw clutter away. Don't let those empty cans of soda, receipts, newspapers, paper bags, and used water bottles litter the insides of your car. Throw your gum wrappers in the right container instead of under ever crevice of your vehicle. Avoid keeping trash at the backseat of your vehicle for days, especially if it's leftover food and crumbs or banana peels. Doing this will also keep insects like ants from ending up within your vehicle.
  • Vacuum the Carpets: Get the carpets out and beat or hit them on the wall or floor in order to get all the dust out. You can also vacuum them but from experience, it's usually faster to flap and beat the dust out of the carpet instead of slowly sucking the dust out. You can also make sure the dust is all out by vacuuming after dusting out the carpet. Only when you've spilled drinks or have ended up with a wet carpet that smells should you consider washing it.
  • Spray Cleaners versus Wipe Cleaners: Spray cleaners are effective seat cleaners, particularly those that clean and condition leather. They can also be used to quickly clean up your car door upholstery, from the door panels to the other upholstered parts of the vehicle. Just remember to use a separate glass cleaner when cleaning the interior part of your car windows. Sprays make your task easier compared to having to dip your wiping cloth on a bottle of cleaning solution every time because you can aim and spray the product directly unto problem spots.
  • Rubbing Properly with Cloth: After you've wiped the cleaner and the dirt away with a cloth or paper towels that's there to absorb the dust and grease unto itself, use another dry, soft cloth to dry out the area. Rub firmly on the surface to really get the dirt out then rub gently with the drying cloth afterwards. Make sure that you don't spill water into your car because that can cause corrosion, mold formation, and other issues. Keep the insides dry as possible.


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