How to Find the Best Signature Wheel Cleaner

Wheel cleaners are like carwash shampoos in that many of them are essentially similar to each other except by name. So how do cleaning companies market their signature wheel cleaners properly so that they can hit different demographics?

In the case of KevianClean Wheel Cleaner, it's more about substance over style, with them emphasizing the cleaner's effectiveness in cleaning the vast majority of wheels without scratching them all over because it's the perfect balance of cleaning strength and mildness that protects the wheel surfaces in question.

Other companies opt to emphasize style through slick labeling, viral marketing, and catchy YouTube video commercials. However, when push comes to shove, substance will always win over style every time.

Marketing Appeal and Effectiveness

  • Appealing to the Youth Market: Certain cleaners are able to hit the right notes with their clientele not only because of their presentation and marketing but also when it comes to the quality of the cleaners themselves. For examples, the Millennial on the go who's used to instant everything might wish to get an 16-ounch portable bottle that's easy to use and can easily be sprayed unto premium wheels such as powder-coated, polished, painted, or chrome wheel surfaces.
  • Practicality in Rinsing and Ecologically Sound: An appealing and stylish cleaning product for wheels should also be easy to rinse and doesn't leave harmful residue that can be harmful to the environment as it's hosed off into the sewers below you. That's exactly what you can get from the environment-friendly styling of KevianClean Wheel Cleaner. Not only is it easy to apply and used with a soft applicator brush. It's also easy to rinse off and it doesn't contain harmful chemicals that can poison the ground the nearby plants.
  • Dealing with Strong Products: Sometimes, you need strong cleaner products for the really dire wheels that regularly get stained by mud or dirt. When dealing with industrial-strength cleaning for the wheels of ATVs, RVs, monster trucks, or commercial ten-wheelers, using a powerful cleaner is called for instead of worrying about mildness. Naturally, you need to control the strength of the cleaner by diluting it with enough water or watering it down.
  • Maintenance versus Heavy-Duty Cleaning: Cleaning a muddy and rusty wheel is different from everyday maintenance cleanup of a slightly dusty wheel. If you want the strongest form of the product, use it right from the bottle. Some potent chemical cleaners have a citrus scent to make it easier for people to use them without gagging. These highly potent cleaners are mainly used to get rid of chemically bonded dirt, grease, oxidation or rust, and brake dust.

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