Shopping for an Off-Road Light Cover

Light guards or covers are supposed to safeguard your auxiliary beam bulbs while at the same time keeping them looking pleasant. It's possible to buy an off-road or custom light cover to add extra stylishness to your ride.

You should go for extra thick light covers because the best guards are capable of withstanding the impact of thrown stones or minor collision. You should specifically search for off-road light covers composed of heavy-duty materials like the highest grade clear plastic or plexiglass.

You want an extra tough covering for your off-road van, jeep, SUV, RV, or ATV that can take rugged handling from rocky or dirt roads.

What to Look for in an Off-Road Light Cover

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when buying a light cover.

  • What Off-Road Means: Off-road vehicles are vehicles designed for use over rough, unpaved terrain that's literally off the concrete streets and paved roads. Thus, light cover reserved for city driving use isn't as rugged or tough as a thicker, scratch-resistant off-road light cover that can take pelting from tire-tearing rocks, paint-chipping plants, and glass-cracking stones like a tank. Durable chip and pit resistance should be a must for an off-road light cover.
  • The Hallmarks of Off-Road Cover Excellence: Your light cover for your off-road truck or ATV should protect your sensitive beams. This means offering superior scratch-resistance, because even if your cover can shield the bulb inside, if it gets too scratched up or cracked, its transparency will be affected and the strength of your headlights or sidelights will be compromised. It should also be designed to accentuate or focus its light to its brightest according to lumen limitations of your city or state.
  • A Big Cover vs. Multiple Covers: On one hand, purchasing a big cover per headlight makes sure that there's no need to get an off-road light cover kit full of multiple-piece covers. The big cover is something you should be able to slap over your headlight and/or sidelights in one go. On the other hand, the multiple piece version of light covers typically include 4 inch by 8 inch and 3 inch by 6 inch black covers for a 5-inch set to ensure easy mixing and matching of amber and clear covers as well as storage and replacement.
  • The Specifics of the Specs: When shopping for off-road covers online, you should search for specs on the product page. To be more specific, you should go for a polycarbonate product with a clear or colored case that can snap directly on your vehicle's LED light bars, for example. These lights can come in amber, black, or clear colors, so pick according to your needs. Black covers protect you from law enforcement that has issues with your off-road lights. Clear covers ensure a perfect translation of your bulb brightness. Amber lens assist in helping you see through the dustiest of roads.

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