How to get Rid of Pet Stains on Leather

If you are an animal lover, then chances are you probably own a pet dog or cat. No matter how careful you are with handling your pets, you may not be able to avoid getting stains on your leather upholstery, whether it’s on your sofa or perhaps your car seat.  One way or another, you will come across the occasional stain and smell.

This situation is more inclined to owners who allow their furry friends to play on the couch or those who accompany them during their drive. Since it is almost unavoidable, here are some quick tips on how you can protect your leather seat from stains and odors.


This is the first step and best advice to keep your leather seat in top condition. Do not let your pets play in your leather seat.

Clean as soon as possible

As soon as you discover new spots on your upholstery, clean it immediately. You can use KevianClean Leather Conditioner to repel any liquid stains including your pet’s saliva and urine from penetrating the leather. It helps moisturize, soften, and restore the leather’s natural oils. This adds a light and fresh scent to get rid of the stinking smell caused by the stain.

Do not allow the liquid stain to settle in. This will be more difficult to remove later on. Use a dry cloth to wipe off the liquid stain and a damp cloth to clean the leather.

Use natural products

In case the urine seeps in the leather, avoid using commercial pet cleaners as it will only worsen the condition of your leather seat. These products are not designed for leather and it will only damage the material. Use natural products such as a plain white vinegar mixed with water.

Vinegar is known as a natural deodorizer. It can help eliminate the smell caused by the urine. Mix a ratio of 1:4 vinegar to water. Use a cloth to wipe the affected area with this solution. This should improve the smell and eliminate the stain.

Keep your pets off the upholstery

Your pets also secrete oils in their bodies. You should try to get them off your leather seats as often as possible. This may be a challenge to owners especially if their pets are used to snuggling against your upholstery.

The alternative is to clean your leather regularly and maintain it in good condition. Keep your leather properly conditioned.

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