How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair on Car Seat

If you always drive with your pet, you must have found yourself working on removing pet hair on the car seat and the car carpet. Although there are several ways on how you can get this done, most of them are time consuming, not to mention tedious to do.

Vacuuming the car, though not the most effective way to do it, may just be a good place to start. Although it won’t be able to get everything off the car, it can at least get some of it and leave a little behind. The vacuuming is just like the quick run through. The real work happens just after that.

How do you get rid of pet hair from your car? Getting rid of the pet is not an option. So here are a few things that you can do to get down to business:

  1. One of the first options you can choose from is to use a rubber kitchen glove in the process of pet hair removal from the car. Wear one of these and wet your hands. Then, start rubbing the surfaces of your car.
  2. Remember to move only in one direction to direct all the hair you need to remove at one place only. The goal is to make the clump of hair larger, so that it can be easily removed. The same method can be done using a sponge or maybe even a microfiber cloth.
  3. There are Velcro curlers you can use to help collect pet hair from inside the car. The use of such material is very self-explanatory. You simply have to run the curlers on the surface and make it do its job. You could only hope that it will.
  4. Just in case the second or the first option does not work well, you could also use the inflated balloon option. The balloon comes with static qualities that attract hair of all sorts, including that of pet hair left in the car. By simply rubbing the balloon on the target surfaces of the car, you could remove a fairly amount of hair.
  5. The second step, which involves collecting the hair from the balloon can be a bit tricky, but once you are able to get everything out, you could reuse the balloon for the same purpose until all the pet hair in the car is gone.

Which of these tricks have your tried before?

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