How to Prevent Car Paint from Fading

Your car paint may fade over time but you can prolong it by following these easy steps on how to keep your car looking brand new and in top condition.

1. Know the causes of fading

Understanding what makes a paint fade in time is the most important step. This will help you prevent damage. The most common reason why your car paint fades is because of sunlight. However, this is not the only contributing factor.

Chemicals and other substances are some of the culprits because they contain particles that build up over time. Environmental factors also contribute to the fading as well as some abrasive products. Pollution contains contaminants that are also destructive to your car’s finish. Check the area, environment and surroundings where you usually park your car since these factors may affect it tremendously.

Another cause is salt. It can be found in the air especially if you are near the sea. Oxidation causes the paint to fade, rust, and peel. In this case, you need to regularly clean and wax your vehicle to prevent salt from building up.

Once you strip away your car’s natural layers, these products may possibly affect the paint finish which can result to fading. Choose an eco-friendly product like KevianClean Quick Wax to protect your paint from the sun’s UV rays.  

2. Protect your car from the sun

Keep your vehicle parked under a shade and away from direct sunlight. You can also use a car cover with ultraviolet protection in case your vehicle is exposed to sunlight for longer periods of time.  

3. Wash your car regularly

Clean and wash your vehicle at least once every two weeks. Washing it properly will help eliminate chemicals and other particles. These elements affect your car’s finish if left uncleaned.

4. Avoid products with abrasives

A lot of car products contain abrasives that can cause the car paint to fade over time. The abrasive strips away the top layer of your car finish which makes it prone to fading.

5. Wax your car

Regularly wax your car to keep your paint and finish in good condition. Waxing may not eradicate all particles caused by abrasion but it can add a protective layer on top of your car’s finish. This will help protect your car paint from harmful elements.

As your car ages, your paint will gradually fade as well. Taking good care of your car will slow down this process.

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