How To Change Car Seat Covers

change car seat covers

Is it time to replace those car seat covers yet? Don’t wait until they’re so dirty or they get torn before you decide to replace them. The best thing to do is to change seat covers plainly because they have become an eyesore.

But can you replace your car seat covers without getting any professional help to do it? The task can be very tedious when you look at it, but when you’re determined to do it, nothing is impossible. You simply have to follow this step by step process on how to change car seat covers and you are good to go:

Step 1: First, you have to buy a whole set of spare seat covers.

You cannot take out the old ones, wash them and wait for them to dry up before you install them back in your car seat. The drying may take days, thus it is best to have a spare set of car seat covers ready to replace the old ones. When the old set is all dried up, put them in a plastic container and store them for future use.

Step 2: Find out how the car seat covers should look like once they are placed.

The idea is to get ahead of what you should expect to see when you have installed the car seat cover right. If it doesn’t look like that at the end of the task, then you must have done something wrong.

Step 3: Carefully, take out the old car seat covers first.

Untie the knots and then pull it out. Remember that the goal is to simply pull out the old ones and install the new seat covers to change. It may come a bit dusty; thus, you may need to prepare the vacuum cleaner just in case.

Step 4: Install the new car seat covers.

The packaging surely comes with its own step by step instruction. If it does not, you may help yourself figure it out by looking at the picture of how it is supposed to look like. When you have an idea of how it is done, you can get it ready in no time at all.

Step 5: Appreciate your new car seat covers!

With a little bit more perseverance, you can become a better car owner who knows exactly how to care for their cars without overdoing it.

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