Three Tips To Remember When Driving in Rain

It’s just simply amazing what the rain can do to your head and your body. When you are in bed on a lazy rainy day, the sound of the dripping water will make you fall asleep so fast. When you are on the road, however, the rain turns on the fight or flight switch in your head. The rain puts you in a frantic state, when your safety depends a lot on remaining calm.

Not all drivers go on panic mode when driving in the rain, but most do. So before you get all too stressed out driving in rain and end up in an accident, here are three tips to remember when driving in rain.

  • Don’t forget the lights – Headlights, break lights, signal lights – make sure that all of them are working. They work best when you use them during the rain. Dull lights need to be replaced as soon as possible. Fog lights should be used sparingly when driving in the rain. They can be blinding other drivers. You should only switch them on when you don’t see as far as 100 meters to where you are headed.
  • Check the brakes – Your car brakes can be both your lifeline and death trap when driving in the rain, depending on how you choose to use them. Avoid hard breaking when driving in the rain. Use gently tapping on the brakes to keep the car from hydroplaning or sliding on a wet surface. Remember that brakes take longer to grip when the road is wet, so be sure to step on the brakes a few second before you intend to stop.
  • Steering is the key – Get a good grip of the steering wheel because it is the only thing that you will be in control of when driving in the rain. You have to learn and master those sharp turns, sudden moves and skids to avoid reckless drivers on the road. When you are in a skid, make sure to steer in the direction of the skid and not away from it. As for sharp turns, make sure to turn the wheel lightly. Remember that your car is more responsive than you think.
The goal is to always maximize your safety and keep you level-headed even when the weather does not seem to cooperate.

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