How To Clean Car Covers

Car covers are great for protecting your car from extreme heat. But if you're not properly cleaning car covers, they can do your car more harm than good. The fabrics that are used to manufacture car covers are greatly affected by the build-up of dirt through time.

Dust can ruin the water resistance properties of the car covers which could result to the dirt, water and other elements that you want to keep your car from get into and ruin everything. So how do you keep the car covers clean to ensure that it does the job of protecting your car?

Here are some tips to help you:

Tip 1: You may opt to machine wash those car covers to make the job easier for you. However, you will have to carefully check the labels of the car covers for specific instructions on how to get them cleaned up through the machine. You may be required to bring it to a laundry center where professionals can work on them and have them returned to you as clean as you want them to be, without the damages.

Tip 2: If you opt to doing the laundry of the car covers on your own, remember to follow these steps:

  • You will need to prepare a mild detergent for washing the car covers.
  • Choose to use warm or cold water
  • Prepare the bucket filled with water
  • Get the sponge or the cloth that you can use to brush off the dust build-up from the car covers.
  • Hose down what’s left of the laundry soap you used and hang the car covers to dry.

Tip 3: Remember to rinse the car covers thoroughly to ensure that all the suds are washed off. Washing off all the suds will ensure that the car covers remain to be water resistant, enough to protect your car.

Tip 4: Allow the car covers to dry completely. If you can use the dryer, make sure that you hang it out to dry. Taking it into the car not fully dried up with build-up that damp smell that could cause more serious problems like mold build-up in the car.

Tip 5: Do steps 1-5 again at least once every month. Choosing to clean the car covers yourself will make you appreciate it more. It may be tiring, but at least, you are able to ensure that it is as clean as you want it to be.

Car covers are especially useful when you don't have your own parking garage. Treat it as an investment that not only protects your car, but also maintains its value over time.

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