Driving with Children: How to Avoid Making a Mess

Have you ever found yourself cleaning up piles of leftover chips while driving with children? If you are a parent and your kids ride with you in the car, you must have found yourself in this very situation.

In fact, this is a very familiar scenario that you can’t help but remember going through it almost every weekend. You begin to wonder, then, if it were possible to keep the backseat of the car clean, even when you have kids with you?

Before you lose all hope that you can still get your car clean, here are a few tips to help you out in the process:

Tip 1: Give children toys instead of food.

Having kids in the car, whether for a short trip at the grocery or a long drive out of town, can be quite a challenge. Parents look for ways to keep their children busy. So instead of keeping them busy, not to mention unhealthy, with those chips and other sweet treats, bring with you some toys instead.

Some toys are manufactured to be fun and educational at the same time. No matter how many toys they throw around the backseat, it will always be easier to pick those toys up and keep the backseat clean after.

Tip 2: Empty the trash bin inside the car whenever you make stops for a gas refill.

Keeping a trash bin in the car will prove itself helpful, especially when you have kids riding with you. Nothing beats getting the trash together in one place. It will make the clean-up process so much easier.

Also, it will allow the kids to have more space for other trashes they wish to throw and will find no excuse about leaving their trash just about anywhere. Doing so also teaches the children a sense of discipline.

Tip 3: Avoid giving them snacks that could cause a big mess.

If giving them food is inevitable, make sure to give them snacks that will not explode on the car seat or floors. Some good examples of snacks include dried fruits, bite-size biscuits, sandwiches, and other dry foods that don't have a lot of crumbs. Wet foods like fresh fruits and jello should be avoided unless the kids are big enough to keep the food from spilling.

Driving with children isn't easy, especially if you don't have any adult companion to help. But with the right tools and resources, you can keep your car interior spill-free and always looking spotless.

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