Car Emergency Kit: Essentials You Should Keep In Your Car

How many things do you have in your car? While others keep their car trunk all cleaned up, others simply find themselves packing a lot of things that they could live in their car for weeks. Somewhere in between this could be you packing only the essentials that every car owner must keep in the car. Here are some of the items that your car should not be running without.

Emergency Kit

You need an emergency medical kit kept inside the car in case of untoward incidents you may find yourself in. There are several pre-packed medical first aid kits you can buy. However, you will also need to keep an emergency safety kit that you will have to put together yourself.

Put in batteries, flashlight, booster cable and many other items to help you start the car in case you get stuck in the middle of the road. Putting this kit together by yourself will not only be more satisfying, but you will be able to gauge exactly what items you will need.

Spare tire

It is not every day that you find yourself with a flat tire, but you wouldn’t wish to be caught in that situation without a handy spare tire at the trunk of your car. Make sure that the spare tire is in good condition and that it comes with the tire iron and the tire jack. Without anyone else to help you, having a spare time might just be useless without the essentials you need to change the tire.

Jumper cables

Even dead batteries happen to the best drivers. If you’re a seasoned driver, you must have had your share of jump starting a car. But for those who are new at driving, they may not have any idea how to jump start a car, but it would definitely help if they have the jumper cables ready in their car trunk. At least, when they ask for help, they know what needs to be used to get their car engine started. There will always be a Good Samaritan coming along.

Car manual

Have you read it from cover to cover? You must have your car manual in the globe compartment inside your car. The manual may look like it’s a simple book, but it can be the best tool you have when you find yourself in the middle of the road without any help. The manual will have the step by step process on how you should deal with your car problem.

Which one of these have you packed yet?

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