How To Clean Your Car Seat

Car seats collects most of the gunk inside the car. From food bits to coffee spills to sticky lollipops – all of these make the car seat as filthy as the car tires. Since keeping it clean with children inside the car seems impossible, it is best to learn the tips on how you can clean it in the comfort of your own home.

This list of tips will help you get the stains off the car seat covers and leave it smelling fresh.

  • First, make sure to pick a perfectly sunny day to clean up your car seat. The heat from the sun will help things to dry out. When they don’t dry out just right, they might smell like they’ve been left rotting for days.
  • Second, prepare the linen spray to leave the cat seat smelling good. Without the linen spray, your car seats may smell clean, but they’re not as fresh-smelling as you want them to be. For sure, the kids will love to get in the car when the car seats smell clean.
  • Third, give your car seats the vacuum clean. This will help collect all the dust particles stuck just about everywhere. Also, when you get the dust out, you can clean the car seats and get to working on the stains without catching allergens in the process.
  • Fourth, using a dry brush, remove the bits of food particles left on the car seat. The handy vacuum cleaner will take care of the rest. The brush will help ensure that you got to all the small particles that the naked eyes couldn’t see.
  • Finally, use a car seat cleaner to clean your seats. If you're using leather seats, KevianClean Leather Conditioner is just what you need. It leaves your leather seats smooth, grease-free, and mildly fragrant. Our formulation is designed to keep your seats long-lasting and supple.

It may be nearly impossible to keep the car seats always clean when you are always on the go and when you’ve got kids riding in the car with you. But with these simple tips, you can clean them up by yourself.

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