Cleaning Your Car Mirrors and Windows from the Inside

When cleaning your glass windows from the outside, you can use the same wash mitt you used on your car paint finish on your windows as well, allowing you to hit two birds with one stone.

Sure, you'll also need the right lint-free rag or water-wiping device to get rid of excess water when all is said and done, but for the most part you can wash your windows at the same time you wash your car. This isn't the case with the interior side of your windows as well as the glass rearview mirror you have from the inside of your car.

Windows and Mirrors Cleaning 101

  • Cloth and Cleaner Is Usually Enough: You can work wonders when cleaning glass surfaces with a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner. For everything else in your car interior, from the dashboard to the console, use the KevianClean Interior Defense all-purpose cleaner. It can clean leather, vinyl, and plastic equally well.
  • Cleaning Glass-Like Plastic: Not all see-through or reflective surfaces are made of glass though. You can't use glass cleaner on a glass-like transparent plastic when cleaning it up, after all. For instance, gauge covers look like glass but are actually made of plastic. Therefore, put that glass cleaner full of ammonia away and use KevianClean Interior Defense instead.


  • Tinted Windows Should Be Cleaned with Caution: How you clean tinted windows depends on the type of tint being used. Some tints are part of the window itself. Other tints are actually a sheet applied to the inside of the window. This type of tint can be damaged by any harsh cleaning product or a product containing ammonia. Tint can get corroded, peel off, or otherwise lose its shade when in contact with such cleaners.
  • When In Doubt, Just Ask Questions: Simply using a mild all-purpose cleaner on all your glassware car parts isn't erring on the side of caution. What's truly the cautious and methodical thing to do is contact the vendor or shop that applied the tinting or sold the car to know which product should be used on which glassy area you want to clean up.
  • Spray the Cloth Instead of the Glass: When cleaning the mirrors and windows of your car from the inside and out, spray the cleaner on the cloth instead of the glass itself to get the best results. This reduces the incidences of streaking and prevents cleaner from getting into other parts of your car that can be damaged by its chemicals. Again ammonia-based glass cleaners should remain only on the glass parts of the vehicle.

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