Cleaning the Different Parts of Your Car Interior

When it comes to cleaning your car, you should go about it piece by piece or part by part. This way, you can divide and conquer the different areas of your vehicle so that you can efficiently clean everything without cleaning any one part twice.

Furthermore, it's recommended that you clean from front to back when cleaning the inside the car the same way it's recommended you clean from top to bottom when cleaning the outside of the car. It's more efficient that way.

The Different Parts of the Inside of Your Car

  • Dashboard: An all-purpose cleaner like KevianClean Interior Defense is usually enough to clean out the plastic or vinyl dashboard. You need careful application of the glass cleaner over the different meters and gauges such as the speedometer and the fuel gauge that are covered by glass. This is because the moisture could enter behind the glass, leading to trapped droplets that are hard to clean.
  • Seats: The three main types of material used on sets are cloth, vinyl, and leather. You need different methods in order to clean them. Give your seats and the areas between and around them a thorough vacuuming every time. This should get rid of the dirt on the seats before applying a specific cleaning compound.
    • Cloth: Sometimes, your cloth chair may need general cleaning for maintenance purposes. Other times, you might need dry cleaning services in order to get rid of the nastiest of odors. You can also make use of a multipurpose upholstery cleaner a la KevianClean Interior Defense or something similar.
    • Vinyl: Actually, this material is a snap to take care of. You need vinyl-specific cleaner to clean your vinyl thoroughly. Unless it's extremely dirty, there are many multipurpose cleaners that can clean vinyl as well. Just spray the vinyl and wipe with a rag. You're good to go.
    • Leather: You need two things to take care of leather. You need a leather cleaner that won't dry it out to the point of damage and a leather conditioner that's specifically made to keep your leather soft, pliable, and moist or filled with emollient oils. After all, leather is derived from a living animal instead of plant fibers or synthetic materials.
  • Carpets and Mats: You need to clean your carpets and mats with a dry vacuum first. Dust your floor thoroughly of loose dirt. If there are stubborn and lingering smells and stains that a vacuuming can't remove, then that's when you need to wash them by removing them or using a wet/dry vacuum.

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