Leather Maintenance: 4 Things You Need to Know

When applying conditioner on your leather to maintain its suppleness, you'll know when you've added too much of the product. If you apply the conditioner too much or too often, the fibers themselves will tell you you've done so b not absorbing the excess.

Also remember that it isn't called for to clean the leather every time you condition it. However, there's a need for you to condition the leather every time you clean it because cleaning it also removes emollient oils from its pores.

Reminders When Maintaining Leather

  • Things to Avoid: Use leather cleaners for leather materials and vinyl cleaners for vinyl materials. It's a simple concept to grasp. Definitely don't use your leather cleaner as a conditioner unless it comes as a 2-in-1 cleaner plus conditioner deal comparable to a shampoo and conditioner product. Don't use products with raw silicone oil as well. This oil can dissolve the emollient oils in leather, making it sticky and more susceptible to ultraviolet damage.


  • Why Not Silicone? Aside from it being an oil remover for leather, this oil type has a high electrostatic attraction. This typically results in dust particles gathering around it like iron dust and filing to magnets. In order to prevent these dust particles from camping on the inside of your interior, you best believe you should use a non-silicone type of cleaner and conditioner. Alas, most mass market leather products contain raw silicone in them, thus defeating their purpose for being.
  • All About Leather Therapy: When maintaining your leather, you should know the importance of getting your hands on leather dressing that serves as your leather therapy restorer and conditioner. Usually, these products are enough to restore and replenish the moisture of slightly neglected leather that's suffering from the ravages of wear and tear. Some of these products are so good that they can restore your car leather seats and upholstery to their original resilient form.
  • Penetration Is the Key: You need to look for leather cleaning and moisturizing formula that penetrates into the animal hide, helping soften neglected leather back into its original state. Application of a small amount of such a product to a soft applicator pad or 100 percent cotton cloth should enable you to put an evenly thin coat over the entire surface of your leather-upholstered seat. Let it penetrate for a few minutes before buffing out the excess.

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