The ABCs of Vacuuming Car Interior

Your vehicle's interior is susceptible to the build up of dirt and dust as time passes by. This creates an unhygienic and unsightly mess, as though your interior has transformed into a dusty old warehouse containing the Arc of the Covenant and whatnot.

It's therefore crucial to know the best way to go about vacuuming your car and reducing your dust levels to zero. The more you use your vehicle, the dirtier it gets. Then again, leaving your car alone also results in dust buildup. Therefore, no matter how many times you use your automobile, you should maintain it every day.

Make Your Car Look the Best Inside and Out

  • Vacuum Before Interior Cleanup: Before using KevianClean Interior Defense in order to clean out the most stubborn and greasiest dirt buildup on your dashboard and upholstery, you should make sure to dust off and vacuum your car first. This will reduce your cleanup workload by at least half, since most dust and dirt is loose and easy to vacuum. The rest of the dirt buildup requires a cleaner spread across the surface or on a microfiber applicator in order to get rid of them.
  • Shopping for the Right Vacuum: Get a compact vacuum that can fit inside your car. Otherwise, you'll need to get an extension cord for your traditional vacuum and remove your front seats and backseats to allow the device to fit inside your car. The stronger the vacuum, the better it is at sucking up even unseen debris. Make sure to move the vacuum around in order to get dust from every last nook and cranny of your car.
  • Standard versus Wet/Dry Vacuums: A standard household vacuum cleaner might be too big or lack the flexibility required to get around narrow crevices. They also require extension cords in case they require a plug to the sockets of your home power outlets. You should instead get a high-powered wet/dry vacuum with an extendable hose so that you can suck up not only dry dust but also spills and the greasiest messes. This compact vacuum type is also renowned for its maneuverability and its suction capabilities.
  • A Dedicated Car Vacuum: There are certain car vacuums you can plug into the cigarette lighter socket. Some are designed for dashboard cleanup and are thusly the size of a knife or pen. Others are bigger handheld devices the size of a megaphone that can instead fit its hose or nozzle into hard-to-reach spots within your car for instant short-notice cleanup whenever you want. These vacuums can be used even if you're far away from a power outlet.

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