Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Wheels

Newbies tend to do loads of mistakes when cleaning their wheels, thus ruining their rims and hubs as well as the overall value of their car. You should, for example, agitate the dust with a wheel brush to clean your wheels without scratching.

Don't use a steel brush or steel wool or scrub too hard with your scouring pad. Don't wash the wheels at the same time because you're essentially spreading yourself too thin without focusing on each and every wheel.

Focus on the wheels one by one, cleaning them gently and rinsing then thoroughly with your garden hose.

Don't Do the Following Mistakes

  • Don't Use Dirty Cleaning Materials

It's ironic, but it's possible to "clean" your wheel and still end up with a dirty wheel. This happens whenever you don't take the time to clean your cleaning materials first. You should rinse them after use so that they can have enough room in them to capture the dirt, mud, brake dust, and road salt that usually end up all over your wheels and tires.

Make sure your scouring pad, sponge, and wash bucket are all impeccably clean before use or reuse to avoid "recycling" the dirt you've already removed and putting it in a different wheel altogether. Always remember to rinse whether you're cleaning the body or wheels and tires of your car.

  • Don't Use Your Wheel Brushes While Your Wheel Is Dry

In order to safeguard your wheel from scratches and spots, you should brush them while wet. It's the same thing with calluses, where it's best to remove them when your feet are warm and wet.

KevianClean Wheel Cleaner and a handy wheel brush work hand-in-hand in loosening the grime for easy removal without exerting too much pressure on your wheel brush. It also lubricates the wheel surface for the sake of scratch prevention.

  • Don't Forget to Clean the Fender Wells or Wheel Wells

Many novice motorists don't bother cleaning the wheel wells or fender wells of their car. This is a mistake because a lot of mud and dirt are kicked up on those areas as your tires roll across salted streets, rocky roads, and muddy terrain.

This results in hidden messes that will corrode your car in the long run if not addressed early on. You need extra-strength all-purpose cleaner to clean those wells, since they're not as scratch-prone and sensitive as wheels.

Spray the wheel well with the right cleaner, particularly some sort of surface cleaner, then use a long-handle brush with hard bristles to really dig deep into the dirt.

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