5 Ways To Fix Car Dents

As car owners, we have always been wary of having dents in our cars which are why we drive it with utmost care. However, there are just circumstances which you do not see coming that leads to the thing that you are afraid to have the most and that is having a car dent.

To save yourself some hard earned money, here are some ways that could help you fix car dents in no time:

  1. Plunger – believe it or not, clogged drains are not the only ones that can be resolved with a plunger, small to medium-sized dents. First, make sure that you are using the cup plunger the one specifically designed for the sink and not the flange. Get some water both in the plunger and the dent, and then start pushing and pulling it until the dent pops out.
  2. Boiling Water – For plastic bumpers, it is easier if you fix the dent using boiling water. Since the plastic will be less stiff and thus become more flexible than before, you can easily push the bumper from the inside once you have poured the water in. If you are unable to push everything out, you can repeat the process until you are completely done.
  3. Hair Dryer and Compressed Air Tandem – Another popular way of getting rid of dents for plastic materials are to make use of hair dryer and compressed air. When you focus the maximum heat of the dryer on the dent, the material will naturally expand, right after, you will immediately spray the compressed air on the same area so when the cold air reaches the hot air it will cause the plastic to contract and the dent could pop out by itself.
  4. Dry Ice – For smaller dents, you can make use of, take note, dry ice. However, please be mindful that you need to wear protective gloves since dry ice could stick to your fingers because of how cold it is and might hurt you. If ever the dent runs deep, you can make use of a heating agent before you apply dry ice. Rub it in the affected area until it is done.
  5. Specialty Tools – There are companies that have been very sensitive to the problems of car users which made them manufacture tools that could help remove small to medium dents in your car. Although you will need to spend some money on this method, at least, it is still a lot cheaper than having it repaired.

Try these solutions and see how they work!

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