5 Common Causes of Gasoline Smell In Cars

If you start smelling gas in your car, it is said that it does not mean good which is why it is highly recommended that you check it accordingly. There are 5 reasons as to why your car reeks of gasoline smell and those will be tackled below:

  1. From injector leak – to check whether the leak comes from the injector, you take off the hood of your car, start your engine and wait for the result. If the smell starts again and if the fuel starts spilling, then, it really is due to injector leak. This is a very common type of leak and is usually caused by old age or by improper installation.
  2. From fuel tank leak – this is the most common type of gas leak but is also the easiest to confirm. One indication that you have a fuel tank leak is when you start leaving spots of fuel in the pavement where your car is parked. Mind you, this is also very dangerous because if someone mistakenly puts off their cigarette and it accidentally gets in contact with the fuel, an explosion would surely start. You can also check if you need the tank replaced by crawling underneath it and checking if there are cracks or wet parts.
  3. From fuel line leak – this is what connects the fuel tank to the main engine. It is easily crushed because of the fact that it has too little protection against road debris and other elements plus the factor of aging should also be considered.
  4. From faulty charcoal canister – A charcoal canister serves as a filter so that the emissions that are sent out in the atmosphere will be reduced. The excess vapors from the fuel tank are purged through it, thus, if it is in any way cracked or broken, you would surely small gasoline all over.
  5. From gas cap – Of course, when the gas cap is missing, it just makes sense that you would be able to smell fumes of gasoline.

Again, if ever you start smelling fuel when you use your car, take it as a sign that something is wrong with it. Do not wait for the check engine light to come off because not all instances will trigger it. It is your job as the car owner to take note of the things that could mean harm for your car.

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