4 DIY Ways to Get Rid Of Car Upholstery Stain

No matter how hard you try in keeping your car upholstery clean, there will always be incidents that will give you a headache and pocket-ache – if that word even exists. When your car seats get stained, it is possible to spend a lot of money. This is especially true if your seats have already been personalized or are using a special kind of upholstery.

Having said this, that headache I’m talking about surely wouldn’t go away fast. Luckily, there are few simple home remedies to get rid of simple car stains that would let you spend too much.

Baby wipes

Although it has been infused with certain chemicals, you are assured that those aren’t abrasive, besides, they are for the babies. Anyway, they have been proven to get rid of car stains. They are especially effective when you use it right after the accident happen since it gets most of the stain out during that time.

Dry cleaning cloths

Dry cleaning cloth has always been regarded as effective upholstery cleaning and in addition to that they also smell good which is why after you make use of it, you would not just have a car that is looking good, you would also have one that smells a lot better.

Club Soda

For a cheap solution that is very effective for vomit stains, club soda is the answer for you. In comparison with hiring a professional car cleaning service, this would surely cut your expenses at a great rate. But actually, you could make use of baking soda and water since it just functions the same way.

Clear ammonia

The mixture of clear ammonia and water could really make your carpet look new since it has the ability to restore and brighten colors. If you already have dying carpets, you should consider applying it now so that you don’t have to spend money on buying another carpet. If yours is not that faded yet, continue applying one so that its color would go back to the way it is.

Don't Risk It

Even if these solutions are present, it still is needed to ask for an expert’s opinion especially when you are considering the kind of upholstery that you have. Those which have been mentioned above may provide great help in most situations but if you fail to take note of certain things, it may just further ruin your upholstery and would just cost you more. To avoid these problems, always keep your car interior clean.

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