How Can Heat Help Get Rid Of Dents?

One of the things that car owners would like not to have on their cars is dents. As car owners, we would all agree that as much as possible, we take extra care to avoid bumping into accidents that cause such and thus getting out automobile repaired at a price that is quite high. Luckily, using heat to get rid of car dents is becoming a thing and it is just right that you know about it.

How Heat Helps In Straightening Out Dents

Actually, not every type of car with dent can be resolved with using heat since it only works effectively with plastic materials. When plastic gets heated, it gets much more flexible. In your science classes, you are illustrated with how the molecular composition of solid and liquid is.

For solid, it is much more compact, leaving almost no space for them to move while in liquid, there will be much more space as compared to solid thus allowing it to move quite freely. When you heat plastic, it has a tendency to melt if it is overexposed which is why you have to apply the right amount of heat, enough to just soften and pop the dent out.

Combining Heat and Cold

There are quite a few ways on how to utilize heat in order for it to help with dents. It can be that you only use heat or you can use the combination of heat and cold. For example, on your plastic bumper, when you pour in hot water you can just push the affected area from the inside out until it goes back to normal. This is an example of using only heat to fix the problem.

On the other, you can use it with cold tools in order for it to pop on its own. A clear example for this is the usage of a blower and compressed air. Blower supplies heat while the compressed air gives off cold air. First, you use a blower to soften up the area, immediately right after, you blow in the cold air in the same area and just wait until it pops.

The same case as with the above scenario can be expected from the use of dry ice. However, you only make use of heating tools when you are dealing with small dents that are deep if it is the other way around, you can choose to just use dry ice.

Finally, once you've fixed your dents, make sure to maintain your car paint with the right cleaning tools.

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