4 Tips to Clean Your Car from the Inside

When cleaning your car from the inside, use products like Windex or all-purpose cleaner like KevianClean Interior Defense in order to clean your car window from the interior. Usually, car shampoos like KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo is enough to deal with cleaning your windows and the car body itself.

Specialty cleaners are typically reserved for the wheels and tires, as in the case of KevianClean Wheel Cleaner. The thing about Windex is that it's specifically made to clean windows while minimizing streaks and marks.

You may also want to try KevianClean 5-piece Car Care Kit for all your car detailing needs!

Cleaning the Different Parts of the Interior

  • Panel: As the area of the car interior we see the most, the front panel is also usually the first thing to get dirty and get cleaned. It seems difficult to clean because of all the dusty nooks and crannies as well as vents, switches, and knobs. However, if you have the right tools its cleanup then becomes as straightforward as wiping the dust off of your dashboard. A nice cloth or cleaning tool with a stick can help you clean any area that your arms, hands, and fingers can't get to.
  • Dashboard: Speaking of the dashboard, cleaning it can be quite difficult depending on the severity of its neglect. Occasional dusting is easy enough. However, once it becomes downright filthy, you'll quickly realize that the windshield angle in some cars can create hard-to-reach areas for cleaning. It also tends to be the dustiest part of your car if you leave it alone long enough. This is true whether your dashboard is made of vinyl, leather, and so forth.
  • Console: The console contains many controls and buttons on its surface, making it a nightmare to clean when push comes to shove. Every crevice and crack is susceptible to having dust go unto it.  So it's best that you clean it up regularly to avoid having to deal with a worse problem later on. You can also use specialized tools to clean the tightest spots and grooves of the area, like the thinnest wrapping cloth possible over a screwdriver's flat tip.
  • Floor: While the console requires special tools to get clean, the floor typically needs your two hands and/or a vacuum cleaner. When cleaning the car floor, remove all the mats and carpets in case they're detachable, remove all the biggest pieces of litter and trash, and then dust off the areas so that your vacuum has an easier time of sucking up the dirt that's been agitated or brushed loose. Make sure you have special attachments on your vacuum as well to enable you to vacuum any hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

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