4 Tips for Proper DIY Leather Maintenance

When looking for a product to properly clean your leather car seats and interior upholstery, you usually have to choose between leather cleaners and conditioners with natural or synthetic oils. You can also err on the side of caution and use products that contain both at the same time.

The different oil types can assist in the restoration of neglected leather by putting in replacement oils for the emollient oils that the leather originally lost. However, before you can go about conditioning something, you should first clean it up.

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Leather Cleanup and Softening for Slightly Neglected Leather

  • Clean the Leather First Always: Don't condition or soften dirty leather. That's just asking for trouble and further damage. Instead, you should first clean the leather then brush or wipe a liberal coat of softener over it. From there, some products actually recommend you to cover the softened leather tightly with Saran Wrap. The idea here is to allow the softener to penetrate the material for 3 days or 72 hours. This is usually a very effective way to save leather on the verge of breaking and revealing its foam pad underneath.
  • After Softening It's Time to Cure the Leather: After you've softened the leather, remove the Saran Wrap and let it "cure" uncovered for another 24 hours. So the whole softening procedure may take over 4 days or 106 hours to do, or more than half of a given week. The excess should always be buffed afterwards so that the residue won't end up ironically damaging the leather when it's supposed to help it soften up instead. The residue can turn into grime, resulting in the destruction of the leather when all is said and done.
  • Additional applications: The Saran Wrap technique might be called for when it comes to leather that's on the verge of cracking or tearing itself apart by the seams due to neglect and excessive dryness. If the leather remains stiff and cardboard-like, apply another coat of the softener and use the Saran Wrap again to seal the product in. The condition of the leather will dictate how many additional applications you'll need. Stop applying the leather once it stops absorbing the product.
  • Final Thoughts: The best industrial-grade leather softeners are potent enough to turn a dog's rawhide into something as soft as a kid's glove. What's more, if you have dashboards made of leather, you can use this as your conditioner on them. After softening your leather seat or upholstery, you should end up with something brand new and pliable enough to maintain with regular leather conditioner instead of something expensive and requires soaking with Saran Wrap.

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