Car Leather Maintenance: How to Prolong Your Seat Covers

If your car leather has dried out to the point of nearly being damaged, then you can stave off re-upholstery or car detailing services by applying leather therapy on it.

Specifically, you should find a leather restoration formula that conditions the leather by penetrating its pores and softening the material even though it's been slightly neglected.

KevianClean Leather Cleaner also has restorative properties on top of cleansing leather for maintenance purposes. Just apply a small amount of the product on a soft applicator pad or cotton cloth and let it spread in a thin and even coat.


Let It Sit and See the Results for Yourself

  • Don't Be Excessive in Application: After applying the leather cleaner on the surface of your seats or car interior, allow it to penetrate for a few minutes. Just buff the excess afterwards. You know you've put in too much product if the leather is practically soaking with the stuff, its pores unable and unwilling to absorb any more of it. Buff and repeat as needed every few days until leather is restored.
  • Regaining Leather Suppleness and Resiliency: Some products are better than others when it comes to leather therapy. A standard conditioning routine is typically enough in order to keep emollient oils from seeping away from a leather product. However, what if applying conditioner doesn't cut it anymore? Then you should use a more heavy-duty leather restorer that doesn't only replenish existing emollient oils but adds them back into the leather itself.
  • The Difference Between Leather Therapy and Conditioning Routine: The difference between a conditioner routine and leather therapy is the difference between treating sickness with vitamins versus an antibiotic. A conditioning routine helps maintain brand new leather, keeping it brand new like vitamins would. Leather therapy contains emollient oils and replenishing substances to fix leather that's already on the verge of damage and dryness.
  • Fixing Hardened Leather with Intensive Softening: You need an even more impactful product for leather that's been hardened. In fact, you specifically need an intensive care leather softener. You should search for one made from synthetic and natural oils that help restore a significant amount of the original softness of the material. Unlike leather therapy that adds a little bit of oil on slightly neglected leather, this involves more of a deluge of oils.
  • Intensive Softening and Restoration Still Involves Significant Cleaning: Whether you're restoring slightly neglected leather or softening hardened leather, you should always start by cleaning it using products like KevianClean Leather Cleaner. After cleanup is done, wipe or brush a liberal coat of softener on the leather then cover it with plastic or saran wrap to let the product and its emollient oils soak into the pores.

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