The ABCs of Protecting Your Wheels

So you've just cleaned your wheels with a product like KevianClean Wheel Cleaner. You've also dried it up to a polish for good measure. In order to protect this quality shine, it's best that you invest in what's known as a wheel protector or protectant.

Some of these products come in glaze form or wax form. They seal the wheel surface as though they're a layer of cellophane wrap or clearcoat. In fact, they work just like a car wax but made specifically for sticking and bonding with alloys like stainless steel, aluminum, or magnesium alloy. Here are their benefits.


The Benefits of a Wheel Protectant

  • They Protect Your Wheel: As their name implies, wheel protectors protect your wheel. After buffing, they serve as a special shield that keep your wheels looking shiny by preventing brake dust adhesion when all is said and done. They're also dependable when it comes to keeping your wheels looking cleaner longer.
  • Weekly Reapplication: Instead of having to apply the product every day, you only need to reapply it every week. This coincides with the recommended amount of times you have to clean your car as well. It's certainly better than scrubbing your wheels every two days or thrice to four times every week. No brake dust or road salt can even touch your wheels while the right protectant is applied.
  • Wax Protectants Work Like Car Wax: The great thing about wax protectants is that they work and are applied like regular car wax. Therefore, like in the case with today's paint finishes and its protective layer of clearcoat, having waxed wheels means you only need to clean your wheels with water between waxing. Just wash as usual and as needed.
  • They're Easy to Apply: Because wheel waxes or protectants work just like car waxes, you should already know as a motorist how to apply them. Spread a thin even coat of the product using an applicator pad. When it's ready to be buffed, then buff the wheel to a sparkling shine. It's that simple. If you know how to apply wax to your car, then you know how to apply wax on your wheels.

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