10 Tips on How to Drive Safely in the Fog

Driving in a chilly and foggy climate can be dangerous and lethal. It becomes more risky if you’re driving on streets with other vehicles at the same time. As a driver, you should always follow safety precautions while driving in misty weather.

Here are some tips and advice on how to drive safely in the fog.

  1. Maintain a consistent speed. Do not drive too fast or too slow. You can either hit another car if you’re speeding on the road or perhaps another car might accidentally bump into you if you’re moving too slow. You should always know how to properly control your car at a safe speed so that you can stop easily whenever necessary.
  1. Maintain a safe distance between you and other drivers. This gives you enough space to suddenly stop if necessary without colliding with the car in front of you.
  1. Stop gradually. Press the brakes slowly. Avoid sudden stops because it can lock your wheels and cause a potential accident.
  1. Check the lights on your vehicle. Regularly inspect if all lights are switched on. This will increase your visibility in the fog so that other cars are aware of you, especially incoming traffic.
  1. Use your fog lamps. Keep your fog lamps on while you are driving in bad weather. If your car doesn’t have a fog lamp, consider investing on one because it can help ensure your safety.
  1. Use high and low beams. Using both at the same time will help reflect off moisture from your windshield. This will greatly improve your visibility while driving.
  1. Be mindful of the road. Keep your eyes on road markings including painted lines and reflectors. Use these markings to guide you.
  1. Use your defroster and wipers. Make sure that both parts are working properly. This will also significantly increase and improve your visibility on the road to avoid any potential accidents.
  1. Park your vehicle. In case of extreme fog, it is safer and better to park your car at a good location and wait for the weather to improve. Make sure you park your car with your parking lights on and pick a place that will not disrupt the flow of traffic.
  1. Wash and clean your car regularly. Use our KevianClean Quick Wax to clean the exterior surface of your vehicle. It will effectively get rid of the dirt on the glass for better visibility on the road.

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