KevianClean:Quick Wax,1-Pack
KevianClean:Quick Wax
KevianClean:Quick Wax
KevianClean:Quick Wax
KevianClean:Quick Wax
KevianClean:Quick Wax
KevianClean:Quick Wax,2-Pack

Quick Wax Detailing Spray

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  • Provides a superior high-gloss finish
  • Repels water on paint, windows, headlights and rims
  • Protects paint, headlights and rims from damaging road salts
  • Contains Carnauba and Beeswax for maximum UV protection
  • Made in the USA with bio-based ingredients from plants

Get a Brilliant Shine in Half the Time

KEVIANCLEAN Quick Wax out-performs other car waxes with our easy "spray, wipe and buff" formula. You'll turn yourself into a premium car wax machine because it's the perfect spray car wax for anyone who doesn't have hours to spend (or want to spend) waxing and polishing their vehicle.

Quick Wax repels dirt, dust and grime from your vehicle so you'll spend less time washing!

You want serious protection? We've got that! Quick Wax is enriched with natural Carnauba wax, your paint's best protection from fading and harmful UV rays. All you see is that brilliant, deep, glossy shine you've been missing!

You'll feel good the moment you order and every time you use it because KEVIANCLEAN Quick Wax is both Green (Eco-Friendly) and Made in the USA.

When You Bring This Product Home, You Get:

  • An incredible deep shine without spending hours applying
  • Conditioning and UV Protection that lasts for weeks
  • Crystal clear windshields and headlights that instantly bead and repel water
  • Protection on your wheels from brake dust build-up
  • Jealous neighbors who will think you spent forever and a fortune waxing your car
  • Easy to use 24 oz. spray bottle

What You Will NOT Get When You Use this Product:

  • No streaking - ever - period!
  • No white residue like some other spray waxes leave
  • No harmful chemicals to breathe in or touch


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