Signs that your Brake System is in Trouble

If your car is making weird noises and blowing unpleasant smells, it means that it’s trying to tell you something important and you should never ignore it. Otherwise, the problem may become worse and can eventually increase your risk of safety. Your car parts can become more damaged and shoot up your maintenance or repair expenses.

Here are some signs that your brakes are having problems.

  1. The brake lights are on.
If you see a yellow or red brake indicator lighting up on your dashboard, it probably means that you’re due for a brake inspection. On the other hand, it can also mean something else and that your brakes are actually having issues. Make sure your parking brake is off. Use our KevianClean Interior Defense for a clear view of your dashboard lights.
  1. You hear screeching and grinding noises.

If you hear any of these noises, it means that your brake pads may be in need of a check-up. You should immediately have this checked to avoid expensive repairs and replacements of worn out brake pads.

A high-pitched squealing sound is a sign that your rotors may be in need of replacement or repair due to wear and tear. If you hear a grinding sound, then the brake pads may be worn out which means that you are hearing a friction from metal on metal. It can also mean that your brakes are in need of proper lubrication.

  1. You feel a vibration on your pedal or steering wheel.
In this regard, your rotors may be damaged from the grinding of metal against metal. The rotors may be uneven. This can also increase your repair costs if left untreated.
  1. You need to apply more pressure on the brakes.
If you notice that you need to press further down on the brakes every time you need to stop, it can mean that your brake pads are starting to wear off. Have it checked before you find yourself with no braking system.
  1. You smell a hint of burn from your tires.

Once you notice a burning smell, make sure you head straight to your mechanic. Any unfamiliar and unpleasant smell is not normal and could mean several problems. Allow your mechanic to inspect and identify the cause of the smell and the problem.

These signs may also indicate that your brake caliper may not be releasing correctly. Another problem can be due to improper installation of your wheel lug nuts. Your braking system problems can also be caused by heat or wear and tear.

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