Why you Should Avoid Potholes

Hitting a pothole can be painful yet in some cases, the more you avoid it, the more you end up going over it. It may sound silly but it happens to most motorists. There are instances where some potholes are not very visible to the eye and we only notice it once it hits us. In other cases, most potholes can’t be seen when you’re driving at night.

Unfortunately, more and more potholes seem to pop up everywhere we pass by. Once your car hits a deep spot in the road, the impact on your vehicle can significantly affect your car’s handling. If you happen to accidentally drive over it a couple of times, it can definitely take its toll on your vehicle.

The Damages

It can cause a misalignment in your steering system, put a dent on your rims or even wreck your tires. A pothole can disrupt your vehicle’s alignment, tires, and suspension system. The extent of damage and impact on your vehicle may be caused by your driving speed as well as the size and depth of the hole.

  1. Alignment – This problem can cause more complications in your car. It can eventually lead to vibrating, poor steering or premature tread wear. One clear indication of misalignment is when you notice that your car is slightly pulling to the other side. Once this happens, you may be required to change your tires more often than you normally should.
  1. Tires – Your tires are your first defense against potholes. In this case, it is also the first one that absorbs the impact and therefore, becomes affected. It can immediately cause rips on your tires. It can put a dent to your tire rims or cause air leaks or flat tires. There are cases when you won’t instantly feel the effect in your tires. However, in the long run, your tires may wear out more quickly especially if you often drive over a bumpy road. Make sure you always clean your tires with the KevianClean Wheel Cleaner.
  1. Suspension – The impact on your car affects your suspension system including the shocks, springs, and other essential components. If you constantly drive your car over humps and bumps on the street, it may speed up your suspensions wear and tear. You may notice that your vehicle may begin to appear unstable.

Remember, your suspension system provides support to your car’s weight. It absorbs the force and impact on the road and ensures that your tires are always connected to the road.

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